Longtin family
Fournier, Ontario

Lynn and Daniel Longtin and family

By Resi Walt

When city girl Lynn first met her husband Daniel, everything in her life changed. She fell quickly in love with the farmer – and his farm life. Decades later, Lynn and Daniel Longtin are now third generation egg farmers with daughters Jessica, Veronique, and Valerie making up the fourth generation of egg farming on the same home farm.

In 2015, Lynn and her daughters appear in the tenth anniversary Faces of Farming calendar, published by Farm & Food Care Ontario. Their page is sponsored by Egg Farmers of Ontario and they are featured for the month of April.

Lynn and Daniel met at a youth retreat in 1984. In the earlier stages of their relationship, they both worked off the farm. Daniel started working on the farm with his father in 1992. Eight years later, Lynn and Daniel bought the farm.

Today, Lynn, Jessica, Veronique and Valerie all play an active role in the family business. Currently, the farm is home to 17,000 laying hens, which lay about 120,000 eggs per week.

Every day, family members take responsibilities for touring the barns to check the birds, ensuring that the hens have constant access to feed and water and gathering the eggs which is a three hour process. This requires collecting the eggs that come out of the barn and stacking them on flats in a cooler until a truck comes to pick them up weekly. The family works closely with a nutritionist to monitor the health of the birds and to improve production. They have one employee helping them as well.

The Longtins are quite content with where the farm is at today. Day-to-day everything runs very smoothly, and everyone strategizes their schedules in order to share the workload. The family believes in keeping things simple and doing what already works. In 2015, the family will be celebrating fifteen years of owning the farm. This is an exciting milestone for the hard-working family.

Lynn and her daughters also work off the farm. Lynn has been a school bus driver for seven years now and loves the interaction with the children in her community. Jessica, the oldest of the sisters, led the way when she took the nutrition, diététique et sciences des aliments program at the University of Guelph, Alfred Campus. This program led to a rewarding job as a dietician and food  service supervisor at a continuing care facility in Ottawa where she has been employed for six years.

Jessica’s younger sisters Veronique and Valerie followed in her footsteps and both completed the same course. Veronique is employed as a kitchen supervisor at a nursing home in Ottawa while Valerie is a food services supervisor at a hospital in Ottawa. Lynn, Jessica, Veronique and Valerie all enjoy being able to work on and off the farm.

Husband and father Daniel is a director on Egg Farmers of Ontario. His wife and daughters are quick to compliment him for his abilities to manage the farm successfully, taking care of the paperwork and ensuring the farm keeps up with industry trends and changes.

When they’re not farming, the family spend their time outdoors as much as possible. Daniel and Lynn spend most weekends of the summer camping. The family also own a woodland area where they can go walking, biking and snowshoeing through the forest.

Those interested in learning more the Longtins can http://www.farmfoodcare.org/calendar-videos/2015/april.php.

Lynn with her daughters Jessica, Veronique, and Valerie

Lynn Longtin