Marcel and Carole Laviolette
St. Isidore, Ontario

Marcel and Carole Laviolette

By Egg Farmers of Ontario

Marcel Laviolette is a first generation egg farmer in St-Isidore, Ontario. He lives there with his wife, Carole, and their four kids; Kevin, Justin, Hugo and Laurie. 

Marcel’s farm is a bit different from most other Ontario egg farms as it is also a grading station. His eggs are washed, candled (go over a bright light to check for imperfections), weighed and packed on his premises.

Once the eggs are graded, Marcel delivers them to nearby restaurants and grocery stores.  His favourite thing about being an egg farmer?   Working with his eldest son, Kevin. He enjoys having the opportunity to teach him about the farm and the responsibility of providing food for people.

Another perk of Marcel’s is working where he lives so the rest of the family is always nearby when he wants to take a break for a quick game of road hockey or a bike ride. 

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