Ian and Alan McKillop, Argyle Farm
Dutton, Ontario

Ian and Alan McKillop, Argyle Farms

By Egg Farmers of Ontario

Brothers; Ian (left) and Alan (right) are egg farmers in Dutton, Ontario. They work alongside each other as 5th generation farmers.

The McKillops settled on this land in 1851. In 1967, John McKillop, father of Ian and Alan, built a barn for 6,000 chickens. The barn, large by 1967 standards, continued to be in production until 1999. In 1998, a new barn was built to house 22,000 chickens.

Beef cattle and cash crops are also part of the McKillop farming operation. Ian is also very active in the cattle industry.    

To learn more about the McKillop brothers, visit:  http://www.eggfarmersofontario.ca/families/mckillop

Ian (left) and Alan McKillop