Darold and Kara Enright
Hastings, Ontario

Darold and Kara Enright

By Beef Farmers of Ontario

In 2004, Darold and Kara Enright purchased the 95 acre farm that is now known as Enright Cattle Company. Located just south of Tweed, Ontario, the farm raises purebred black and red Simmental cattle.

Enright Cattle Company is proud to continue a family farming tradition that dates back four generations in both of their families. Kara’s parents, Don and Chris Langevin, have been farming in the area for more than 30 years.

Darold and Kara bring a world of agricultural knowledge and farming experience to their operation.

Kara started buying her own beef cattle in her early teens, after her dad moved from dairy farming to raising purebred Simmentals. She went on to graduate with both a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture and a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Guelph. As a result, Kara has in-depth knowledge in beef cattle nutrition and proper animal husbandry and care.

Brought up raising cattle, Darold has superb cattle handling skills and is also an exceptional carpenter.  With a diploma in Integrated Resource Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College,  he has excellent knowledge in woodlot management. Something that is also essential to every farm’s success is working equipment which Darold does a great job in maintaining.

Working with Kara’s parents farm, Langevin Farms, allows Enright Cattle Company to have a fresh supply of beef year round! Their cows and calves are raised in the most natural environment possible. During the summer months, animals are kept on pasture and eat only a healthy diet of grass. In the fall, the calves are weaned and  moved to a diet of farm-blended mix of their own homegrown hay and grains with added mineral and vitamins. Their cattle live outdoors except during calving season when the new offspring spend their first couple of weeks in the barn with their mothers.

Giving their cattle the best environment and most balanced nutrition possible keeps them very healthy. Enright Cattle Company does not use artificial hormones and their cattle only receive antibiotics if they require them.

Darold and Kara are very active in the local community. Enright Cattle Company hosts a pancake breakfast and horse drawn sleigh ride every year on the farm. This event is open to family, friends and community members.