Dan O’Brien
Ottawa, Ontario

Dan O’Brien

By Beef Farmers of Ontario

Dan O’Brien, of O’Brien Farms, is a fourth generation beef farmer, raised near Greely, Ontario. O’Brien has worked in the beef industry his entire life but it’s his latest venture – selling his own local beef – that’s given him a name for himself and his cattle.

The care and attention O’Brien Farms puts into their animals allows them to be confident that the beef that they are raising is of the highest possible quality. Their customers can count on O’Brien Farms for premium quality beef year-round. Dan’s motto is, “If it isn’t good enough for my family, I won’t sell it.”

All cattle are born and raised locally and are grown without any artificial hormones or antibiotics. His cows are fed hay during the winter and spend the summer on pasture, grazing. O’Brien Farm’s barns and pastures are designed to maximize comfort and care for their cattle.

Dan is a member of Savour Ottawa and welcomes the growing interest in initiatives such as the 100-mile diet. He is passionate about increasing the connections between his community and farmers. Dan believes purchasing locally produced beef helps to support local families and farms as well as associated local businesses including the local abattoir, farm supply dealers and neighboring farmers.

O’Brien Farms has an open door policy and regularly invites chefs and the general public to tour the farm to view firsthand how the cattle are looked after.  The visitors arrive in ones and twos or in some cases by the bus load.  Taking a few minutes to explain how raising cattle is done from start to finish helps grow an understanding and appreciation for what it takes to raise the some of the best beef Ontario has to offer.

Beef from O’Brien Farms is available at the Ottawa Farmers Market as well as at local retailers throughout the Ottawa region, which you can find here. They also offer a refrigerated delivery service to your home or business in the Ottawa area. Visit O’Brien Farms for more information.