Cheryl and Adam Garniss
Wingham, Ontario

Cheryl and Adam Garniss

By Patricia Grotenhuis

When Cheryl Garniss left her family’s farm to study geography and environmental studies at Trent University she was considering a career in law, but her love of farming brought her back to agriculture.

After graduating, Cheryl first worked in agronomy at a crop supply centre, and later became manager there.  Since then, she and her husband, Adam, have moved to her husband’s family’s farm.  Cheryl loves what being a farmer has to offer, and the opportunity to have the whole family working together.

“It’s nice being able to have our girls on the farm. They get to learn about a lot of things,” says Garniss.

Cheryl and Adam have two daughters, Ainsley age 4 and Evelyn age 2.  Cheryl and her daughters are featured in the month of March in the 2014 Faces of Farming Calendar. The calendar recognizes farmers across the province and their devotion to caring for the land and their animals. Garniss’ page is sponsored by DeKalb Canada.

The family grows and sell crops on their farm. They also raise pigs and cattle.  In addition, the couple has a seed dealership and crop consulting business, where they monitor other farmers’ fields and help them make sound decisions.  Working closely with them around the farm are Adam’s parents, uncle and cousin.

When she’s not farming, Cheryl enjoys both flower and vegetable gardening, and is on the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Ainsley and Evelyn share their parents’ enthusiasm for farming.  Ainsley likes the large amount of space she has and going to the barn with her grandpa to feed the pigs.  She even chose her bedroom window so she could look out the window at the cattle.  Evelyn loves going for rides in the tractor and combine with her mom or dad.  During the winter, the family enjoys downhill skiing together.

The Garnisses also work hard to make improvements on the land, including planting 70 trees in 2013.

“We are very conscious of the environment.  It’s a family farm and the kids are always with us.  We are not going to do anything that would hurt our children or negatively impact the environment,” says Garniss.

Cheryl is happy with the decision to return to farming.  It is a lifestyle she finds fulfilling for herself and the rest of her family.

“It’s a juggling act to balance everything, and certain times of the year are really crazy while other times there are little lulls.  I like being able to be my own boss and decide each day what I am going to do.”

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Cheryl, Ainsley, Evelyn and Adam Garniss

Cheryl, Ainsley and Evelyn Garniss