Canarm Ltd.

Modified on: 2015-01-15

Mid East

Curtiss Littlejohn

An Ontario-based company has developed a leading-edge electronic sow feeding system that it’s now selling across Canada – and it took just a little over a year to get from concept to market. Curtiss Littlejohn, Swine Products Manager with Canarm, a privately owned company headquartered in Brockville, Ontario that produces ventilation and lighting systems, as […]

Chad Anderson

Modified on: 2015-01-15

West Central

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson might not be an avid outdoorsman, but he has a definite appreciation for natural spaces and the wildlife they support. On his cow-calf farm near Mooretown in Lambton County, Chad has invested in both new pasture and a new pond in an effort to improve the environment for wild birds as well as […]

Tom, Stephen and Glenn Barrie – Terwidlen Farms

Modified on: 2015-01-15


Steve, Glenn and Tom Barrie

Diversity, innovation and teamwork are the keys to long-term success Brothers Tom, Stephen and Glenn Barrie work well as a team, and like any successful team, they share a similar outlook. They’ve always worked to have their family farm (called Terwidlen Farms, located between Bowmanville, Orono and Newcastle) stay sustainable – both in terms of […]

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