The Cellulosic Sugar Producers’ Co-operative

Modified on: 2015-02-18


Murray McLaughlin

A small group of Ontario farmers has come together to form Ontario’s newest co-op. The Cellulosic Sugar Producers’ Co-operative is working on creating a new market opportunity for corn stover – the leaves, stalks, and other parts of the plant left over after corn kernels have been harvested – by turning it into sugar that […]

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Modified on: 2015-01-15


Daryl Somers

Imagine greenhouse tomatoes and peppers that look and taste great, grow well, and are disease-resistant too. That’s what Daryl Somers and his team at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) are currently working on. They’re using genomics, the study of DNA sequence and genomes, to help them find and identify variations in the plants […]

Canarm Ltd.

Modified on: 2015-01-15

Mid East

Curtiss Littlejohn

An Ontario-based company has developed a leading-edge electronic sow feeding system that it’s now selling across Canada – and it took just a little over a year to get from concept to market. Curtiss Littlejohn, Swine Products Manager with Canarm, a privately owned company headquartered in Brockville, Ontario that produces ventilation and lighting systems, as […]

Bulent Mutus – University of Windsor

Modified on: 2014-05-14


Bulent Mutus - University of Windsor

Ontario researchers are testing a new way of removing phosphorus and micronutrients from wastewater. Dr. Bulent Mutus, a chemist at the University of Windsor, has developed a bio-filter made from chitosan, the hard material from shellfish. The filters, which have produced promising results in the lab, are going to be tested this year at three […]

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