Meat Processing

Stemmler Meats and Cheese

Modified on: 2015-01-15


Stemmler Meats

They built their business on the power of local long before it was popular and their allergen-free meat products are a life-line to many food allergy sufferers. These efforts have won Waterloo Region’s Stemmler Meats and Cheese a Premier’s Award for Innovation and they’ve also just been named a finalist for a prestigious innovation award […]

Cory Van Groningen – VG Meats

Modified on: 2015-01-15


Cory Van Groningen, VG Meats

Ontario beef farmer Cory Van Groningen knows what’s important to his customers – quality and trust. And he’s found a way to increase meat tenderness while tracing every single cut of beef from the farm, directly into the hands of his customer. All this is achieved by using barcodes and innovative tracking systems that begin […]

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