The Cellulosic Sugar Producers’ Co-operative

Modified on: 2015-02-18


Murray McLaughlin

A small group of Ontario farmers has come together to form Ontario’s newest co-op. The Cellulosic Sugar Producers’ Co-operative is working on creating a new market opportunity for corn stover – the leaves, stalks, and other parts of the plant left over after corn kernels have been harvested – by turning it into sugar that […]

Cornerstone Renewables

Modified on: 2014-11-20


Korb Whale & Travis Woollings

Entrepreneurial farmers offer low cost, green solution for food waste An innovative group of agricultural entrepreneurs has banded together to offer a low-cost solution for organic waste disposal – and are producing green energy while they’re at it. Cornerstone Renewables was formed a year ago when eight farmers and operators of two other sites in […]

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