Chad Anderson

Modified on: 2015-01-15

West Central

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson might not be an avid outdoorsman, but he has a definite appreciation for natural spaces and the wildlife they support. On his cow-calf farm near Mooretown in Lambton County, Chad has invested in both new pasture and a new pond in an effort to improve the environment for wild birds as well as […]

Dana and Adam Thatcher, Thatcher Farms

Modified on: 2013-10-22


Adam and Dana Thatcher, Thatcher Farms

(Rockwood) – Falling in love with a farmer took Dana Thatcher, a teacher, on a path she never envisioned for herself before meeting her husband Adam. Even though she had no farming exposure growing up, Dana fully embraced the lifestyle and had no doubts in her mind about becoming a farmer.¬† In the years since, […]

Chris and Christy Hiemstra

Modified on: 2013-10-13


Chris and Christy Hiemstra

Can you imagine a staff of 24 million?! Chris (a third generation bee keeper) and his wife Christy live and work with 900 hives and 24 million bees on their farm where they produce honey and specialty products. Their staff isn’t always the easiest to work with. ¬†Chris estimates he is stung five times a […]

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