Shawn and Chris Brenn – Brenn-B Farms

Modified on: 2013-12-19


Shawn and Chris Brenn - Brenn-B Farms

Fourth generation potato farmers Shawn and Chris Brenn of Waterdown have always known that if they were to get an edge on their competition, they’d have to keep up with retailer demands. One of those retailer demands was traceability, or the ability to trace a product’s movement through the supply chain, its history and location […]

Stephanie Kowalski

Modified on: 2013-10-13

West Central

Stephanie Kowalski

Young potato farmer Stephanie takes every opportunity to educate classmates, friends and peers about farming.  She’s even been known to answer questions in grocery stores if she hears them while she’s shopping. A competitive soccer player who played at university in Ohio, she found herself missing home and the family farm near Alliston so transferred […]

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