Wanda Snobelen

Modified on: 2015-12-16

West Central

Wanda Snobelen

Wanda Snobelen has had a stake in agriculture and the beef business ever since she bought her first Charolais cow at 12 years old. Since then she has significantly expanded her beef herd, and delved further into a diverse farm life. The third-generation to be raised on her family‚Äôs Paisley-area beef farm, Wanda took her […]

Shawn McRae

Modified on: 2013-10-13

Far East

Shawn McRae

Shawn, his wife and four young children farm with his parents in Eastern Ontario, where they grow many specialty crops like soybeans for tofu, azuki beans, malt barley and milling oats. Making environmental improvements to his farm and protecting it for future generations is important to Shawn. He is extremely proud of his family’s care […]

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